Immobilizer emulator Mercedes CR1, CR2

Product Code: CR1, CR2
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The immobilizer emulator of the CR1, CR2 immobilizer is installed in place of the defective factory immobilizer in case of key loss or other defects affecting the identification of the chip key in Vito, Sprinter 1999 - 2005 vehicles.
Unlike other analogues, the emulator developed by us works in 2-in-1 mode, that is, works with two brands of car without recomputation or reprogramming of the emulator itself. It is enough to fit it in the middle of the engine control unit, or in the car wiring and it will automatically start working.
Also, this product provides a mutual testing mode: if two emulators are connected to each other, one will generate test signals and the other will receive them. Depending on the test result, the LEDs on the product body will flash in a specific way.
All devices are tested before sale.
I also provide a free online consultation when installing the device. Test Mode Video:
Відео режиму тестування:

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