4 Channel USB Isolator Module

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4 Channel USB Isolator Module ADUM4160 ADUM3160 Support USB Control Transmission 2500V USB HUB Isolator Module USB Flash Drives

USB four-way isolation module compatible with USB 2.0, provides fully isolated 1.5 Mbps and 12 Mbps data rates, isolation of 1500V voltage, no external power supply, no driver. It protects the USB port from external strong power supply and strong signal interference, and protects the computer's USB port and computer motherboard.
1. Compatible with USB2.0
2. ADUM3160 isolation voltage: 2500V
3. Power module isolation voltage: 1500V
4. Support USB low-speed 1.5Mbps and full-speed 12Mbps, not pure high-speed devices
5. Support USB control transmission, batch transmission, interrupt transmission, synchronous/isochronous transmission
6. Power supply: from the USB port of the host computer
7. External power supply DC5v, with reverse connection protection
8. Onboard output power supply Jinshengyang B0505S power 1x2W, when the total working current of the USB device is >400mA, an external DC5V power supply is required
9. Free drive, support hot swap, plug and play
10. Each USB port is equipped with USB dedicated ESD protection chip
11. Output four USB ports are not isolated from each other, each output has a USB status indicator
Hardware Introduction and Description:
Board size: 63*37mm
Weight: 54g
Scope of application:
⑴. Working environment with strong electricity and strong interference
Some circuits contain strong current and strong interference (such as high voltage, frequency converter, motor drive, etc.) environment. When it is connected to the computer, it must be isolated to ensure the computer and personal safety.
⑵. Noise sensitive areas
The computer is a big noise source. In noise-sensitive areas, we can use this device to isolate the USB interface. Such as high-precision USB data acquisition system, HIFI audio system.
⑶. USB debugging equipment
Such as various USB interface JTAG/SWD emulators, ISP/ASP/IAP/ICP downloaders, etc. When you often fail to connect or simulate abnormalities during debugging, you can use a USB isolator to try to improve.
⑷. Various industrial USB devices
In an industrial environment, USB devices often crash, such as USB mice, keyboards, and USB to serial communication devices. The USB isolator can effectively reduce the crash and damage probability of these devices in an industrial environment. Sometimes it is necessary to extend the USB cable. The USB isolator can act as an excellent USB repeater and can also isolate the ground pressure difference between upstream and downstream devices.
⑸. Other common USB peripherals, such as mouse, keyboard, USB sound card, USB flash drive, printer, digital camera, USB hub (HUB), USB camera.
⑹. Medical equipment
The safety of the human body is the most important and primary consideration, but some medical equipment is connected to the computer through the USB interface. During the process of collecting data or treating the human body, it needs to have direct electrical contact with the human body, and avoid the possibility of passing through the computer. The high voltage conducted by equipment and interface lines to the human body causes electric shock, and electrical isolation of interface lines is one of the important protective measures.
Supported devices:
Full-speed devices: USB flash drives, digital cameras, card readers, mobile hard drives, USB shields, USB hubs, AVRJTAG, AVRISP, AVRISPMKII, S-Lab, JET51, J-Link, FET430UIF, PICKIT2, XDS100, LPC-Link, ICD2 USB to serial port (FT232, CP2102, PL2303, CH341 chips).
Low-speed devices: keyboard, mouse, USBASP, USBHID device, USBCDC device.
Unsupported devices: USB wireless network card, some USB3.0 flash drives.

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